Bodhi Charitable Trust

is an established and registered (Reg No : 46/2019 BK – 4) NGO organization from the group of Bodhi Paadasaalai Educational Institutions, Chennai. Bodhi Paadasaalai is an educational institution located in Nolambur, Chennai. It provides detailed coaching on all the subjects from std 1st to 12th to the students studying in our institutions for all types of board syllabus. It has also got an academy for building up the extra-curricular activities like spoken language center, News Reading Training Center and IQ club (An activity based center)

About Charitabletrust

Bodhi Charitable - Managing Trustees

Bodhi Charitable Trust consist of 4 prominent individuals namely Mrs Ananthi – Founder, Dr David Bharath Kumar – Co-Founder
Dr R. Manimaran and Mrs Anitha Bharath Kumar – Managing Trustees

Ananthi Director
Mrs. Ananthi

Ananthi holds Master’s degree in the department of Maths and she has more than 15 years teaching experience and she refers to be the iron lady of our organization. An active Social Activist who has started a club in the name of Vriksham supported by... Inner Wheel Club consist of only women who believed in their strength and through which she has achieved many goals like adopting

Ananthi Director
Dr. David Bharath Kumar (D.B.K)

Mr DBK is a young energetic and dynamic personality who holds Master’s degree in Administration – Marketing and also who has got vast experience in the field of event management for more than 15 years and... have worked with various well known event organisations and later started his own event management company in the name Elite Events and Expos. He is also known for his outstanding skills

Ananthi Director
Mrs. Anitha Bharath Kumar

Mrs Anitha is wife of Mr DBK and one of the managing trustee of Bodhi Charitable Trust, who holds her bachelor degree in Physiotherapy and currently taking care of Annanagar branch of Kolors Healthcare... India Pvt Ltd. She is such a kind of smart and active person who always stands by his partner when it comes to the matter of social service which resulted her to join hands with the trust and she supports to her maximum by extending her warm sup

Ananthi Director
Dr. R. Manimaran

Mr Manimaran is one of the managing trustee of Bodhi Charitable Trust with 32 years of teaching experience, who holds his Doctorate in the department of Maths and currently working as senior professor in SRM education institute... at vadapalani campus. His vast and dynamic experience and knowledge has always brought an identity to the brand name of BODHI. So we requested him to be one of the advisor in all our new efforts and he accepted to be one of the pillar to our trust


What We Do

Bodhi Charitable Trust was started in the year 2019 January, after releasing the importance and the seriousness of focusing the future India that is the younger generation of the society. This thought came to our institute directors Mrs Ananthi and Mr David Bharath Kumar after collaborating with the kids who have stepped into the institution for their academic career built up. They both together thought collective number of students in a single place must have to be utilized not only to develop their academic skills but also should properly utilize this opportunity to also develop their basic behavioral qualities resulted which they formed a group by name “THULIRGAL” an effective initiative to built and shape up the future of our nation with the aim of creating a society consisting of more responsible youngsters and with citizens who are accountable for their actions.

Just to bring the disciplinary interest right from the scratch, we have formed a troop of 100 kids from our Nolambur area from all the category and divided them into few groups under the supervision of each representative from a college going student level who has again got a good remarks from the area and also from their college. These kids are over all monitored by a super boy Sujan who is a known and active social volunteer in his locality. He is highly recognized for his good remarks and behavior by many in the society. He is a member of NCC in his college, a tree sapling volunteer, street cleaner and so on… Under his guidance all these 100 kids are brought to our institute every weekend especially on Sunday evenings and train them in many by organizing special sessions from experts of talking about road safety terrace gardening tree sapling street cleaning story telling awareness sessions about child abuse the importance and morality of handing both male and female genders in a equal way and followed by a physical activity based on the session what they have learnt on the same day. We observed that these teachings would definitely help the every individual child to shape up the mind set at their early stages and help them to grow along with the social responsibility towards this society along with patriotism. We also have received good welcome and encouragements from these parents for our selfless initiative.


SACA – Stand Against Child Abuse is yet another social responsibility initiative activity from Bodhi Charitable Trust after understanding the importance of creating an awareness about child abuse among the future generation. Many pathetic murder incidents due to child abuse like Chennai Hasini, Kovai Rithanyasri, Salem Rajeshwari the founders of BCT felt that it is a serious issue in the society right now so they have decided to create an anthem and a protest song against child abuse and formed a team of members who has got same thoughts against child abuse resulted which Mr DBK has wonderfully created a song written by Social Activist Mrs Sabarimala who is into the same dimension and travels across the country to spread awareness about child abuse and singer padmashree Shankar Mahadevan has lent his voice for the same song. The song out had come in an extra ordinary way and now its under production for the visual treat. Planning it in a big way by joining hands along with police officials who are exclusively appointed for the welfare of child and women safety by the govt of Tamilnadu and also along with the famous celebrities who can join along with us and stand against this terror act. The main moto of the project is to telecast the produced film across our state through schools to students and create a very strong awareness about this brutal behavior of an individual. We still Looking Forward for the positive reach of this project.


Project “Karkai Nandre” is an education development program designed exclusive for the third gender community. Bodhi charitable trust felt that many third identity genders are guideless about their future and select to go in the wrong path for their survival at their early ages itself for that main reason is only because of the lack of education. so our trust has decided to support to their education requirements to both transmen and transwomen if they approach us at their early physical changeover interventions. We initially give them phycological guidance about their physical change over and make them to feel comfortable about it and then we make them to meet a career guidance councilor and find out which is their best suitable course of study for their lifestyle and interest respectively and according to that we make them to get admitted in recognized school and college and help them to complete their basic education. we strongly believe that alone will surely bring in changes in the lifestyle of the transgender and help them to lead a decent respectful life in the society and also it will motivate them to join as an employee into the government organization.



  • We also do lot of fund raising activities in order to support under privileged children who are really meritorious but not in a position to manage their academic studies due to their financial situation. We encourage lot of under privileged students in our own institution with less fee cost and helped lot of kids to get their deserving education.
  • We have conducted many blood donation camps.
  • We are supporting few under privileged single parent families both mentally and financially with our best every month.
  • We also pay school and college fees to few of the kids who actually struggling hard to peruse their education.
  • During Corona – Covid 19, pandemic situation across the city, while everyone was moving out to source out their basic and essential requirements, we found that many NGOs had come forward to support to each and every one to their best out of their maximum sources but we as a trust felt something different and tried to help out the third gender people called Transgenders. So we raised fund collection from our known sources and gathered Rs 2 lakhs and bought the basic groceries and provisions materials for a period of one month and distributed to nearly 60 nos of transgenders in and around Chennai and also supported basic diary and sanitary products for a period of 2 months and distributed to few orphanage homes and babies homes.


  • Education alone can bring changes in the society and help the living beings to lead a peaceful life so our main motto is to ensure that we help the needy to provide the best possibility support to get them educated.
  • “What we sow, We ripe“ – We trust and believe very strongly in the mentioned quote and that’s only the reason for us to focus and catch the children sector just to ensure that the future society be at least live a healthy wealthy selfless Nation.
  • We also wanted to focus on the third gender – Transgenders community in a larger way and really wanted to bring real changes in their lives and bring out the hidden talents and showcase them in this society and also help them to lead a normal life as any other living beings lead their lives in this world.
Our Motto

“Sowing the Seeds of Goodness into each and every future pillars of the nation to reap the yield of selfless togetherness among themselves and create the best atmosphere to live.”


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